MMA Tactical Training Gloves

MMA Tactical Training Gloves

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Available in Sizes S, M, L, XL The advanced design of the TSG-TOG helps reduce injuries during tactical training. KEY FEATURES: å´ Five sided padding (front fist, back of hand, outside and inside of fist, bottom edge of fist) minimizes damage from fractures and cuts to both the striker and opponent from straight punches, outside and vertical hook punches, back-fist and hammer-fist strikes å´ Wrist support with closed cell foam that supports and aligns the wrist while protecting against injury from rolling the wrist, kicks or incidental contact å´ Structure and curvature of glove gives hand natural form for safe striking å´ Bent multi-layer multi-density foam guides the hand to rest in a bent position guarding against accidental eye-pokes and injury to the hand because of improper punching technique. This padding is also designed to focus the target area of the glove and has an extra layer of high-density foam covering the knuckles for maximum protection. å´ Specially designed finger loops which do not impair gripping and grappling practice while allowing the practitioner to form a clinched fist for striking å´ Velcro wrist strap secures wrist while striking å´ Heavyweight open-handed training glove for tactical, martial arts and weapon training å´ Double-stitching is used as needed to protect seams å´ Wipeable interior surface for cleanliness Patent-Pending
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