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This Pad is ideal for training punches, kicks, knee strikes, and overall striking KEY FEATURES: ´ Large-sized target training pads with Velcro locking straps ´ The seam lines of this pad are on the back (away from the target area) eliminating damage to the shins from repetitive kicking on a hard seam ´ Velcro arm lock secures pad to forearm and allows for easy on and off ´ Multi-density striking area - The top third of the striking area is softer than the bottom two-thirds. - Top target area is ideal density for receiving punches without heavy boxing gloves required. - Bottom target area is configured for kicking techniques with a density that will support and protect the forearm of the trainer ´ Padded top of the pad can be used to bump the trainee creating an interactive scenario with more realism ´ Air vents in the top and bottom of the kick-pad release pressure created by forceful impacts. This feature extends the life of the pad by reducing stress to the seams. The pad has four grommets- two on top sides of the pad, and two on the bottom of the pad, acting as air vents.
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