Tactical Training Gloves

Tactical Training Gloves

Compact 16oz
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USD $189.99
USD $40.00(21%)

Specialized training gloves that allows the user to strike like a boxer or kickboxer without sacrificing the ability to grip.

Traditional boxing gloves do not permit normal gripping. The TSG-TBC has the same weight and protective cushioning as a regular size 16 oz glove, but in the smaller, more realistic form factor of a 14 oz glove. This glove encourages better defensive habits, and fits comfortably on most hands.

KEY FEATURES:  Flexible, jointed foam inside glove allows for ease of opening hand for grabbing  Structure and curvature of glove gives hand natural form for safe striking  Padded palm allows for safer palm strikes  Unlocked opposable thumb allows full gripping and tactical simulations  Reinforcement protects the thumb from hyperextension  Padding on both sides of the thumb protects against incidental contact with the eyes  Stiff wrist cuff and secure Velcro strap secure the wrist while striking  Multi-layer, multi-density foam and sponge materials provide for optimal safety during sparring.  Air flows into this glove through a special mesh ventilation point located in the grip  Ventilation mesh also provides enhanced gripping capability  16 oz weight and protection in the compacted size of a 14 oz glove  Double-stitching is used as needed to protect seams.

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