Twins Boxing Gloves- Premium Leather w/ Velcro

Twins Boxing Gloves- Premium Leather w/ Velcro

  • Light Blue Boxing Gloves
  • Orange Boxing Gloves
  • Pink Boxing Gloves
  • Purple Boxing Gloves
  • Red Boxing Gloves
  • Silver Boxing Gloves
  • Yellow Boxing Gloves
  • White Boxing Gloves
  • Green Boxing Gloves
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  • Size
    12 oz Boxing Gloves
    14 oz Boxing Gloves
    16 oz Boxing Gloves
    4 oz Boxing Gloves
    6 oz Boxing Gloves
    8 oz Boxing Gloves
    10 oz Boxing Gloves
    18 oz Boxing Gloves [+USD $10.00]
    Add Handwraps
    Black [+USD $10.99]
    Red [+USD $10.99]
    Blue [+USD $10.99]
    Add a pair of our popular Removable Glove Inserts ($15)
    Yes! Keep my gloves fresh! [+USD $15.00]
    USD $79.99
    USD $109.99
    USD $30.00(27%)
    Experience for yourself why Twins Boxing Gloves are widely considered the best boxing gloves in the world. Made in Thailand at the Twins Special factory, these leather boxing gloves are crafted from the finest materials and constructed with care to endure through years of use in the toughest Muay Thai, Boxing, and MMA gyms in the world. Inside the boxing glove, high-quality multilayer foam protects your hand from impact. The foam is skillfully shaped to best support your hand while you are punching. For sparring, training, and competition, our top-selling Velcro Boxing Gloves provide excellent wrist support and hand protection. You will find Twins Velcro Boxing Gloves in the best training places, because experienced trainers trust Twins quality. The Twins Velcro Boxing Glove comes in several different sizes. In Thailand, the 6 oz boxing gloves, 8 oz boxing gloves, and 10 oz boxing gloves are often used for competition bouts. For high-impact training and sparring, Thai boxers will wear 12 oz boxing gloves, 14 oz boxing gloves, 16 oz boxing gloves, and 18 oz box gloves. The padded wrist of the boxing glove, with its integrated Velcro-wrist strap, helps hold the wrist steady and guard against impact from kicks and punches The high-quality Velcro used by Twins in the wrist-strap of their Velcro Boxing Gloves will maintain its value for years.
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